Behaviour Aids

How would Super Nanny cope if she had an SEN child who was pushing their parents to breaking point? None of us have the time to read a book so hopefully the strategies we outlined below could help or at least give you something to think about!

  1. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Always provide your child with a countdown before ending the activity they are doing. This will help with transitioning between activities and if used often enough willl become second nature. Very effective for ASD children.
  2. Earning Rewards: These are effective with those that are able to understand a reward system. For some a visual display might be useful, particularity ASD children. Make sure the system is positive (e.g. positive behaviour is rewarded not negative behaviour means something is removed).
  3. Provide structure to their downtime: Every child needs to know what is happening in their environment and by doing so will reduce their anxiety and resulting associated behaviours.
  4. Reading signs: Even a non-verbal child will have clear tells indicating they are about to have a melt-down. Look for these and work with your child to help them manage their behaviour in a calm manner.
  5. Now and Next: Controlling anxiety will help keep behaviour in check. Letting your child know what is happening will remove some of the anxiety involved in transitions.
  6. Consistency: Make sure your approach is consistent. Your child will respond best when they know where they stand with particular behaviours- consistency from you will help model consistency for them.
  7. Give them space: There is nothing worse for anyone when they are stressed and everyone around around them is asking what is wrong. Your child is no different. Don’t get in their face and give them space.
  8. Physical Outlet: Give them a means to let out some built up energy they may have. That energy has got to be used- give it a useful avenue to be freed.

If you want to find out more information on behaviour management then the website below if a very good start for parents of SEN children:

Kid Sense (Click Here)

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