Choosing the right school

Choosing the first school for a child is a big moment for any parent. However it is also one that you should not needlessly worry over. Below are a few things to consider when deciding where your child should go:

  • What does the Ofsted report say about the school’s SEN provision?
  • Does the school have it’s own SENCO?
  • Does the school talk about it’s SEN provision on it’s website?
  • Does the local authority approve of the provision for SEN?
  • What specialist support does the school receive?
  • What do parents of others with SEN say about the SEN provision?

Special School or mainstream?

This is often a question posed to many parents of students with SEN. You want your be child to be included and not left behind, but at the same time you worry if they are not receiving the specialist support and resources they require. Generally speaking for pupils with mild learning difficulties should be able to cope within a mainstream school with the appropriate support. Some small local primary schools might struggle if they don’t have the infrastructure in place. It might be worth discussing with the headteacher if the proposed school your child could be going to about the possibility of a TA being trained around the specialist SEN your child has prior to their arrival.

Ultimately at the end if the day you want your child’s experience at school to be an enjoyable experience. If they are stressed they will not learn. Your child could be more than suited for a mainstream setting but if they fail to enter the class or refuse to attend the school then the school isn’t suitable. Sometimes look beyond the academic potential of your child and explore the social skills they have and what would help them thrive.

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