Choosing the appropriate curriculum when teaching those with SEN, particularly SLD/PMLD student, helps to form the basis of a good education for the individual student. In an ideal world every student would have their own individualized program of studies. However if the thought of choosing an appropriate curriculum appears daunting, we have selected a few below and reviewed their appropriateness together with a link so you can access them:

Victoria Curriculum: (Click here)

The Victoria Curriculum was created by Victoria School and was aimed as a progression for students operating between P1 and NC2. The curriculum splits the students into phases 1-4. It shows how typical subjects (e.g. Geography) can be achieved across a variety of different areas (e.g. mobility). The Curriculum also shows’s how the students day is tailored to suit their needs. The curriculum is a good reference point for new and experienced teachers working with SEN students.

The Bridge Curriculum (Click Here)

The Bridge Curriculum was created by the Bridge school in London. This curriculum focuses mainly on PMLD students. This curriculum provides detailed examples of how you can deliver sessions to students

The EQUALS Curriculum (Click here)

The EQUALS curriculum is aimed at all SEN students from PMLD to MLD. Students are assessed across a 10 stage curriculum working towards broad areas. EQUALS offers students the chance to gain an EQUALS certificate upon completing a particular unit of study. However EQUALS does not provide a depth of ideas in how to deliver the curriculum to students and it does require the teacher to sometime make quite obtuse topics relevant for their students. The assessment criteria also appears to be fairly subjective and confusing for professionals and parents alike. EQUALS is a curriculum that you have to pay for.

Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) (Click here) 

The CCEA is an education body that provides free resources broken into the different sub-categories with SEN (e.g. PMLd, SLD). It offers good examples of lesson plans for SLD and PMLD and overarching schemes of work.

Curnow School (Click here)

The Curnow school is a special school based in Cornwall. They have been rated Outstanding in their recent Ofsted and their Curriculum Documents appear very comprehensive. They offer a good framework for a special school that is perhaps in special measures and looking to put in place structures.

The South Lanarkshire Framework for Supporting Pupils with Severe and Profound Learning Needs (Click here)

Despite the very long title this resource is a great starting point for anybody teaching pupils with complex needs and/or PMLD. It talks the reader through different aspects involved in delivering a well rounded curriculum to PMLD pupils. There is meaningful examples of assessment used for PMLD pupils. There are useful links to further your understanding of key areas.

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