Okay lets be clear- often the role of a senior leader within an SEN school can be a very lonely experience. You have to keep a distance from the rank and file of the school but still be a presence. You want to inspire and be friendly but not someone’s ‘mate’.

But don’t worry we are not here to add to your difficulties. Below we have some suggestions to make life easier and provide some ideas to help with managing those working within your school. Hopefully the result is a happier school (governors, parents, pupils).

1. Teacher Expectations
Teachers respond best when they know what is expected of them. Obviously they have to teach the pupils (that is surely a given!). However within SEN provisions there are a lot of other expectations and it’s useful when senior leaders are abundantly clear as to what is expected from teachers at the start of a school year. To give you an idea try our free download/guide below
2. Heat Wave Risk Assessment
Every year it gets hot and someone in the staff room will say that the school should close because it is too hot. Well next time that happens scatter these risk assessments into every class- and that will, excuse the pun, throw cold water on that particular fire.
3. Enrichment Program Principles
Every school will have activities that are needed for SEN pupils as part of a breadth of their studies. This document provides the rationale behind these enriching activities together with some examples of different enrichment activities that could be used.
4. Pregnancy Risk Assessment
At some point in time at least one of your team will be pregnant whilst working at the school. As they are entitled to work right up until the due date it is important that they remain safe, but also be able to perform to nearly the same capacity they had been before the pregnancy. This risk assessment has a SEN twist.
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