Links 4 Teachers

Below are a list of websites we recommend visiting for particular SEN matters. Click on the Website name to follow the link to the website.

The Sensory Projects

This is a really good website for working with high needs/PMLD pupils. Lots of resources and links to high quality training in working with these SEN pupils.

Sheppard Software

A website with lots of useful interactive whiteboard games activities linked to core subjects. Useful for working with individuals with Sever learning difficulties and mild learning difficulties.

Very Special Maths

A really nice website around delivering Maths to those with SEN. It has great practical advice for anyone working with pupils in the early stages of Maths development. Free downloads on the website.

Letters and Sounds

Though not a SEN website, this website has resources and links to the teaching of phonics. From experience these resources have worked well in the delivery of phonics within an SEN setting.

Cheap Disability Aids

This website sells SEN specific resources. The website has a lot of sensory based items and would be worth a quick look when you are replenishing your school resources.

SEN Move

This website focuses on the physical development of pupils with SEN. It provides useful links to Winstrada levels for schools with a Trampoline, and also links to their training development.

Dyslexia and Literacy International

A useful starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about Dyslexia. It has some free resources to get you going if you were working with pupils with Dyslexia.

Accessible Chef

As the website advertises: Accessible Chef is a collection of free visual recipes and other resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with disabilities.  A really useful website.

Autism Toolbox

A good reference website for working with pupils with Autism. Resources are available to download.

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