PE Support

This is easy- pupils with SEN can be excused from PE……NO NO NO! PE is essential for pupils with SEN. It is a chance to demonstrate their creativity, team work, communication, independence skills, blow of steam and take part in what could be a life-long enjoyable activity.

However it can be quite tricky depending on the type of SEN as to how they are included in PE. However to deny a pupil their right on the grounds of safety is not fair. However there are strategies and approaches for developing inclusiveness that are simple to implement. In fact some of these approaches might not just help include those with SEN but also the lower ability pupils in a group. Below are some approaches and strategies that can be used by mainstream PE teachers for different activities.

ActivityHow to adapt to make it inclusive
FootballVisually: A florescent ball is easier to see. Perhaps even use a larger ball. Have team mates with bright tops so it is easier to locate them on the itch.
Physical Impairment: Work on set skills in isolation. During team performance have set time to have the ball before they have to pass.
RugbyVisually: Positions in the scrum would be easier than in the wing. Allow
Racket Sports

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