Teacher New to SEN Guide

New to teaching. Daunting. New to teaching SEN. Potentially a step into the unknown. On this page we aim to give those teaching students of SEN for the first time the help they need to thrive. So where to begin?

  1. Relationships: The first place to start is building strong relationships with everyone in the classroom. By everyone we mean the students and the staff. Both need to be able to trust your thought processing and that you have the students best interests at heart. Furthermore good relationships with the parents ensures that they work with you rather than against you.
  2. Planning:  Be  prepared  for  the  unexpected, and for all best laid plans to go out the window. Have a plan, a day plan, a week plan, but understand that the rate of learning will be different. To see examples of day/week plans click here.
  3. Timings: Ensure that you have prioritized time for the essentials and not the luxury’s. Essentials: toileting, food plan, physio needs, behavioural needs; Luxury’s: Everything else. Obviously you are a teacher and should expect to teach, but ensure you are meeting the students personal needs first.
  4. Read their EHC Plan:Knowledge is king and if you understand the needs of those in your classroom you will be able to prepare the learning environment more suitably.
  5. Appropriate Curriculum: Be realistic about what you are teaching and to whom. Ask your senior leaders for advise here. Try to keep your teaching meaningful and then the learning will follow.
  6. Speak to other teachers: The greatest source of knowledge- your colleagues.

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